“Howard Stern Tests your Voting Prowess”, or “Obama/Palin ’08!”, or “I’m Sure Glad our Soldiers are Dying to make the World Safe for Democracy

A prophet, one of your own, once said that “the world is full of stupid people”. In America, we let them vote.

Some enterprising researcher went into Harlem to ask folks who they were planning to vote for (Obama, obvs.), and then decided to run a little experiment to find out why they were planning on voting for that particular candidate. The Howard Stern Show (did you know he was still around?) has done its civic duty in providing an audio sampling of the results of this experiment. Here it is, and God Save the Queen:


HT: N.Northup


Two Wrongs Do Make a Right

Perhaps its trivial, but there was this study, see. In the UK. By scientists. And they published the startling conclusion that reusable diapers, long touted by the Government as a great weapon in the holy war against environmental damage, in fact “have a higher carbon footprint” than disposable diapers, because of the laundering necessary. The Government of Great Britain (also known as “The Opinion of Anyone Except an Intelligent Brit”), according to this article is dutifully covering up these findings, so as to avoid embarrassment I suppose. Perhaps Al Gore has stock in some British cloth diaper manufacturer.

Anyway, its all moot as far as I’m concerned. The whole concept of “carbon footprints” is a sham, and anyone who honestly cares about the health of the creation around us should be ashamed of ever using the phrase with a straight face. And the Lords of Britain, through their predictable butt-covering, have managed to inadvertently thwart stupidity. So there you go. Huzzah.

Some Clergy Still Know What the Pointed End of the Shepherd’s Staff is For

To be fair, following the previous post, there is always Archbishop Charles Chaput of Colorado, who’s sense of tolerance for “alternative understandings” of the abortion issue should make papists all kinds of proud, Nancy Pelosi not withstanding.

Read his thoughts on Christians who support Obama here.

My favorite bit is the Obama spokesman’s non-response, the likes of which are one of the (many) primary reasons he is such an appallingly lame candidate:

Obama is “proud to have the support of so many committed Catholics who are
hungry for real change after eight years of failed policies. He has offered Americans real solutions even on tough issues like abortion, where we can come together to teach our kids responsibility and
self-respect, to prevent unintended pregnancies, and offer strong support to women.”

I don’t know what to say about that. Well, actually, I do, but my students sometimes travel through these parts, so we’ll just settle for visual aids.

Actually, that more or less sums up my feelings about this whole election circus. How embarrassing.

Dining with Wolves

This header picture on Drudge caught my eye a while back.  I don’t much care what’s going on with the polls, but I found that image of a Cardinal sitting between the two candidates surprisingly fascinating and infuriating.

Forget these two self-important, humourless blowhards. While I’m still not sure what I’m going to do come election day (seriously tempted to stay home and read a book), I’d consider getting on board with this campaign:

Come on, you know that would make for 4 years of fantastic late-night comedy. Which seems to be the only sane way to pick ’em anymore.