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Penguin Group Australia is pulping 7,000 copies of The Pasta Bible cookbook because the recipe for tagliatelle with sardines and prosciutto called for sprinkling the dish with “salt and freshly ground black people.”

Embarrassing? Yes. But was it really necessary to pulp nearly $20,000 worth of merchandise? Is this sort of dramatic gesture even helpful?

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Flying Bird Botanicals

A little free advertising for the company that makes my favorite aftershave:

Flying Bird Botanicals is a small family operation in Washington State that crafts top-notch toiletries and such-like. Check out their Etsy shop to browse products (notice that they say they will do their best to accommodate custom orders and creations as well).

The aforementioned aftershave:

Bay Rum Aftershave

Better yet, get the aftershave and shaving soap together:

Flying Bird Botanicals Shaving Set

This Administration Brought to You by Pepsi

Two days before the election, I spent the day in Washington D.C. with some friends, and I noticed something odd: At first, I assumed that the metro stations were just decorated for the upcoming inauguration. A number of the lighted pillar-things had a simple tri-coloured design on them that looked a little something like this:


And I thought “Hey, isn’t that they Obama campaign logo? Odd.” This opinion was bolstered by several posters that had the symbol and a single word or phrase “Hope”, “Change”, “Pop”. Wait: “pop”? Something wasn’ right (there was also one that said “soul”, which, honestly, why didn’t they just say “fried chicken”? I mean, good grief.):


Turns out, it was a pepsi add campaign, but the confusion was (and is) understandable and dare I say intentional:


To be fair, maybe the Obama camp stole Pepsi’s idea:


All of which sparked a memory of a propaganda poster I came across a few years ago: