Jesus Honni (Jesus Reviled), by Georges Rouault, 1922.


Increased Liquidity

Headlines from Drudge, read as story:

Obama Advisers to Public: “Temper Expectations”…

Experts call for end of flushing toilets…

Gore warns world may face civilization ‘collapse’…

Putin Vows: Crisis will not sink Russia…

The Overshadowed: Edvard Munch’s Madonna

I find Munch’s “Madonna” fascinating and frightening, the way I would expect the “overshadowing” of the Holy Spirit to affect a person. Beatified sexuality (note the red halo). Sadly his stylistically innovative print of this image, employing both woodcut and lithograph (a self taught printmaker, Munch made numerous varied prints of this and many of his other images), cheapens the power of the image with a puerile, Hot Topic kind of scatology, reminiscent of some of Serrano’s less compelling work, grasping for “disturbing”, but laying hold on nothing but the laghable blasphemes of a twelve-year-old.

Both are quite a bit different from this image I captured several years ago at St. Mary’s around the corner from my house in Idaho which, to me anyway, seemed to capture both the attraction and un-thankful barrenness of the ideal of Our Lady’s perpetual virginity.

McCain Wins!

[in response to a text message I just received from an unknown number demanding to know “Obama or McCain?!?!?”] I’m going to bed now. Tomorrow, I will have blueberry pancakes for breakfast.