Exporting American Exceptionalism: or The Economics of Imperialism

[Eckhart Kehr’s] studies of the intimate relations of business leaders, industrialists, and foreign policymakers in the empire forced him to the conclusion that profit had been a far more significant incentive for German imperialism than grandiose thoughts about the German mission…[He] discovered that social structure and economic interests influenced political decisions in ways that pious historians had always denied, or, rather, never seen.

Peter Gay, Weimar Culture: Outsider as Insider (New York, NY: W.W. Norton and Company, inc. 2001), 29.


No Man’s Land


During the lulls the wounded called and groaned in No Man’s Land, lingered for as much as a week, and usually died there, and sometimes screamed in their incoherent agony; while above them sounded the joyous songs of birds. The thrushes, especially, twittered wildly each morning, for they were used to the guns.

Leon Woolf