Making Bombs and Buying Bonds


This Administration Brought to You by Pepsi

Two days before the election, I spent the day in Washington D.C. with some friends, and I noticed something odd: At first, I assumed that the metro stations were just decorated for the upcoming inauguration. A number of the lighted pillar-things had a simple tri-coloured design on them that looked a little something like this:


And I thought “Hey, isn’t that they Obama campaign logo? Odd.” This opinion was bolstered by several posters that had the symbol and a single word or phrase “Hope”, “Change”, “Pop”. Wait: “pop”? Something wasn’ right (there was also one that said “soul”, which, honestly, why didn’t they just say “fried chicken”? I mean, good grief.):


Turns out, it was a pepsi add campaign, but the confusion was (and is) understandable and dare I say intentional:


To be fair, maybe the Obama camp stole Pepsi’s idea:


All of which sparked a memory of a propaganda poster I came across a few years ago: