Photographs of Chaiten volcano in Chile. In the middle of the night toxic ash and dust from the eruption ionized the air, generating an explosive electrical storm around the plume.


In Which We Are Momentarially Intrigued by Vogue


The Above magazine arrived at my home as so many things do, and I remarked to my wife as I surreptitiously shifted it from the coffee table to the magazine rack “That is a terrible cover. Looks like King Kong.” Which indeed it does.


This thing is, aesthetically, a disaster. The photographer should be drawn and quartered, and the editor summarily sacked. And predictably, it has stirred up a bit of controversy over “racial stereotypes” and whatnot. Now I wouldn’t normally give this sort of thing a second thought, but that cover has stuck in my head over the last few days. Couldn’t figure out why, until Buddha connected the dots for me:

The cover also closely resembles this bit of United States recruitment propaganda from the Great War which I had shown to my ninth grade European history class just two weeks ago.


In Which We Share what our Friends are Doing

Bands our Friends are in:

1. Vanity Band – Brain child of friend Joel Nass. They had a video which did very well in a recent Music Nation competition (top 5, I believe), which was excellent. If it had come on MTV5 (or which ever one they are actually showing vids on nowadays), I would not have changed the channel. Very indie-cool music. And Joel is hot.

2. The Magic Mirrors – Friend and former bandmate (not to mention best man) Casey plays drums with these guys. If you like a classic rock vibe, you might dig their stuff.

3. The Cubes – Friend’s little brother J.T. fronts this quartet. He is a talented singer and songwriter. I’ve never seen this band live, but I did a show with J.T.’s previous band Edward Bugg, and the songs he had written for them were their best stuff and legitimately enjoyable. He used to sing from behind the drum kit, but not at all like Phil Collins.

Photographs our Friends are taking:

1. Joel Nass’ wife Amber Garvey is a superb photographer. And I don’t mean that in a “my-ringo-site-is-really-popular” kind of way: She’s an artist. Hire them to do your next wedding. And make sure to check out her portfolio galleries.

2. Isaiah Eiyre took the pictures at my wedding, as well as our engagement pictures (a few are posted below). Isaiah has long, artistic-looking hair.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Books our Friends are writing:

1. Nate Wilson isn’t so much a friend (in the slumber-parties and friends-forever necklaces sense) as a decade-long acquaintance. But he has written some books, and we think they are swell. He has two bible-story books (book one, book two) and more on the way from Cannon Press which are genuinely great, as well as the first in a series to be published by Random House called Leepike Ridge, which looks very promising. Nate’s dust jacket picture is funny.

2. I hesitate to be so forward as to call Dr. Peter Leithart a friend, but he was at various times my pastor and college professor, he baptized my daughter and knocked me over in a pickup game of basketball. Point being, there are few people on this earth I respect more. And he’s written another book on the all-important subject of baptism. Buy it. And while you’re at it, buy every other book he’s written. You’ll thank me.