Now, you can throw that far…

Kiva is a great micro-lending facilitator that connects you directly with individual entrepreneurs in the developing world. Worth the time to look into.


2 thoughts on “Now, you can throw that far…

  1. My mom gave everyone Kiva gift certificates for Christmas. They had “sold out” of cases in the Christmas rush, so I didn’t get around to making my loan ’til March. After looking at a number of profiles without a clue which one to choose, I finally decided to hunt for the borrower with the most kids, and found a Lebanese farmer with nine. It also happened that the amount I had to lend was the balance of the total loan he needed, and the loan was disbursed the next day. He has made his two monthly payments on the loan in April and May, so in ten more months I expect to have the money repaid to invest again. So far, a good experience!

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