Do your part to fix the Economy: Have a baby!

After the Panic Button has been Pushed, by Jonathan Wellum


3 comments on “Do your part to fix the Economy: Have a baby!

  1. oops. thanks, valerie.

  2. Jason says:

    Dude, I think I might agree with that in principle, but as far as personal application, I dont. ha. I’m more into the idea of having more children when more money is availible. Some say,”oh then you will never have any, you need to trust the Lord”. and I do, and i also believe in wise decisions. I think most people say obtaining more money or finding a better financial situation isnt important and they just start popping kids out, and sure they make ends meet, but is this the wisest? I dont think its wrong. But I think that you can shift things around financially, spend a year or 2 taking down some debt, restructuring and preparing for the child. These “other” people prepare for a new child in every other way than financially and say that the finance is the only thing that isnt legit to stand in the way of having children. They will prepare with cribs, shoes, diapers, baby toys,changing tables, and in every other way, than preparing a financial path for the child and the existing family. I think a lot of people who dont do this could possibly fall into the category of unproductive citizens. While they take care of their own family, (which is good) they pinch pennies and never buy a plasma tv, or a new car, or riding lawn mower, and help the us economy and contribute as an american. they cant because they are too strapped down and are existing like their own little country inside their house.

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