…[H]e only is a free man who owns and administers his own land, craft, trade, art or profession and is able, at necessity, to maintain himself and his family therefrom.

– Ralph Adams Cram, “What Is a Free Man?,” Catholic Rural Life Objectives (St. Paul, Minn: National Catholic Rural Life Conference, 1937) 36-7.

“[T]he individual [gets] his sustenance from property which bears his imprint and assimilation…” Indeed, it was not security he was after with such a scheme, which would only mean “being taken care of, or freedom from want and fear – which would reduce man to an invertebrate – [but rather] stability, which gives nothing for nothing but which maintains a constant between effort and reward.”

– John Sharpe, “Introduction,” Beyond Capitalism and Socialism (Norfolk, Virginia: LTD Publications, 2008) xv.


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