This Administration Brought to You by Pepsi

Two days before the election, I spent the day in Washington D.C. with some friends, and I noticed something odd: At first, I assumed that the metro stations were just decorated for the upcoming inauguration. A number of the lighted pillar-things had a simple tri-coloured design on them that looked a little something like this:


And I thought “Hey, isn’t that they Obama campaign logo? Odd.” This opinion was bolstered by several posters that had the symbol and a single word or phrase “Hope”, “Change”, “Pop”. Wait: “pop”? Something wasn’ right (there was also one that said “soul”, which, honestly, why didn’t they just say “fried chicken”? I mean, good grief.):


Turns out, it was a pepsi add campaign, but the confusion was (and is) understandable and dare I say intentional:


To be fair, maybe the Obama camp stole Pepsi’s idea:


All of which sparked a memory of a propaganda poster I came across a few years ago:



Y’all gonna make me go all out…

I’m sitting at the breakfast table, soaking up some sunlight and reading last Sunday’s Washington Post (this week’s paper is probably still out on my door-step). Number one daughter is watching The Triplets of Belleville, number two is cooing up a storm in her swingy-chair on the floor next to me, and the wife is tracking down some much deserved sleep. The cat is perched inside the new hutch catching some rays as well (I really need to get my act together and finish putting the doors on that thing). The snakes and fish are doing nothing of note, but thank you for asking.

In short, it is a peaceful Sabbath morning for all (except for that gray squirrel outside my kitchen window that was just nearly blown right off the tree he was climbing. Crazy windy this morning). And the point is, well, its been awhile. And I’m sorry.

Let’s make it right (assuming you haven’t gone off into some corner to sulk). Guido’s got one of these viral contests going on, and I’m going to jump on board, benefiting you, patient reader, in the process.

Here’s how it should work: The first three people to comment on this post and link to it in a post of their own will get a little something special in the mail from me. However, I’d like to liven it up a little. The first two commenters are guaranteed a present, but for the third slot, I’ll put names in a hat after a bit (a real hat, I swear) and pick a winner. That way, even you have a chance at winning!

So, to summarize:
– I have not posted in a long time
– I want to give you stuff
– Comment on this post, and I will give you stuff

You’re welcome.