Two Wrongs Do Make a Right

Perhaps its trivial, but there was this study, see. In the UK. By scientists. And they published the startling conclusion that reusable diapers, long touted by the Government as a great weapon in the holy war against environmental damage, in fact “have a higher carbon footprint” than disposable diapers, because of the laundering necessary. The Government of Great Britain (also known as “The Opinion of Anyone Except an Intelligent Brit”), according to this article is dutifully covering up these findings, so as to avoid embarrassment I suppose. Perhaps Al Gore has stock in some British cloth diaper manufacturer.

Anyway, its all moot as far as I’m concerned. The whole concept of “carbon footprints” is a sham, and anyone who honestly cares about the health of the creation around us should be ashamed of ever using the phrase with a straight face. And the Lords of Britain, through their predictable butt-covering, have managed to inadvertently thwart stupidity. So there you go. Huzzah.

One comment on “Two Wrongs Do Make a Right

  1. timmyjimi says:

    Hey Ben. Can you back up your slam of the carbon footprint concept?

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