Speaking of Black Holes, the thing cost 3.8 Billion Dollars

The wizards and druids have built a Machine. The Large Hadron Collider is buried deep under the Swiss Alps and, after Wednesday’s successful first test, the devout are confident that it will reveal the secrets of quarks, gluons, the Higgs boson, open hidden dimensions of space and time, and cure cancer. Provided it does not inadvertently create a black-hole and suck us all into the abyss of…wherever.


4 comments on “Speaking of Black Holes, the thing cost 3.8 Billion Dollars

  1. a friend of mine, who has knowledge of such things (I believe his doctoral thesis had something to do with bosons) says the thing actually cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 billion dollars.

    whenever I tell people about this thing, I have the overwhelming urge to shave my head, buy a white Persian cat, and laugh maniacally at odd intervals.

    now, how about making those invisibility cloaks commercially?

  2. Matt Yonke says:

    I’m always torn over ridiculous spending on scientific ventures. On the one hand, they occasionally uncover something really cool about the nature of the world, on the other hand it’s often a bottomless wishing well that people are just delighted to throw barrels full of cash down without a second thought or a first result.

    I mean, the Hubbell has totally justified the investment, but it seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

    On an unrelated note, filed under “More Reasons I Need to Follow Ben’s Advice and Get That Pollan Book” is the fact that I saw him name-checked today in a discussion about high fructose corn syrup. Against it, of course.

    Have you seen the new pro-corn syrup ads the Corn Refiners Alliance has put together?



  3. speaking of name checking, I have it on good authority that Peter Leithart ordered that book in the not-too-distant past.

    and I think the fact that the corn-refiners are running those sad little adds is a good sign. in America, when you’re under attack, when no one likes you, you advertise.: the “other white meat”, anyone?

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