We Want Both-And, not Either-Or

We want not an amalgam or compromise, but both things at the top of their energy; love and wrath both burning…St. Francis, in praising all good, could be more shouting optimist than Walt Whitman. St. Jerome, in denouncing all evil, could paint the world blacker than Schopenhauer. Both passions were free because both were kept in their place…By defining its main doctrine, the Church not only kept seemingly inconsistent things side by side, but, what was more, allowed them to break out in a sort of artistic violence…Poetry could be acted as well as composed.

– G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy, pp. 98 – 103

One comment on “We Want Both-And, not Either-Or

  1. Yes! Jesus was full of grace and truth — 100 percent of both, not 50 percent of each. He’s fully God and fully man. He’s the Lion and the Lamb at once. Glory and humility, mercy and justice, kingship and servanthood, all in all.

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