In Which Wisdom comes out your Speakers

The good folks at WRF” sent me the latest Think lecture, by the always wonderful Calvin Seerveld. It is entitled “Cities as a place for public artwork: a GLOCAL approach”, but the role of art in the public sphere is only the beginning. In the process of laying the foundations for his thoughts on public art, Dr. Seerveld outlines in broad strokes some of the moral underpinnings for a redemptive understanding of economics and community. You can (and should) download the lecture here (think #15). Don’t neglect to look at the urban artwork gallery (from the slide show which Dr. Seerveld used at the lecture, I assume).

This particular lecture is a part of the Stained Glass Urbanism project. In light of Revelation 21:10 – 22:5, this is something we all ought to be actively interested in, but I think will be particularly exciting and encouraging to those living in metropolitan areas. Listen, read, and then do.

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