In Which We are Misspoken To

This BBC article is a great analysis of Hillary Clinton’s ‘clarification’ of her story about her visit to Bosnia. The ‘lying’ (that’s what we call it around these parts) doesn’t surprise me a bit (nor, I would imagine, anybody else): What gets me is the stupidity and hubris of this particular lie: Her arrival in Bosnia was a photo-op, complete with welcoming committee, cute little girl reading poetry, and cameras. Big cameras, like news cameras. Could it be that some folks in Washington still are not aware of the implications of digital media and the internet?

The reality is that Hilary needs to beef up her foreign policy credentials. Fine, so does Barak (though you could argue that his simply being male makes this a slightly smaller weakness for him). But why not just tell the actual Bosnia story? Not perhaps a huge world-changing bit of foreign diplomacy, but perfectly respectable and a job well done, I suppose. The fictitious sniper-bullets were unnecessary and speak volumes about the Clinton campaign’s mounting desperation.

Jeremiah who? Stay on topic, Hilary: We want to hear about Bosnia again.


One comment on “In Which We are Misspoken To

  1. rmutt4m says:

    Well, you see, that Bosnia was in that alternate “is” that Bill referred to.

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