In Which We Make No Home for Freaks

First Things, a journal of religion, culture, and public life (as its byline states), published an excellent article in their On the Square: Observations and Contentions section entitled
Worth Dying For by Richard John Neuhaus. This is something you should read.

Years ago, Christopher Lasch wrote that the reason we no longer have freak shows at county fairs is not because we are more sensitive and compassionate but because we have created, or aspire to create, a world that has no place for freaks. I regularly pass on the way to work the New York center for cerebral palsy. It is both touching and inspiring to see caretakers gently helping hundreds of children—their eyes rolling, limbs flailing, and grunting speech—getting in and out of the buses that transport them to the center. Prenatal testing and the unlimited abortion license will make sure that there is not another generation to burden us with the need for such caring.


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