In Which We Give You Original Music

Analog Pop is the moniker I’ve adopted for my musical meanderings. Just a few hastily recorded demos posted at the moment (I have a newfound respect for producers and recording engineers): Enjoy, and if you are in the Baltimore, Annapolis, D.C. area this summer, watch for show dates. You could experience the magic in a more personal fashion.


5 comments on “In Which We Give You Original Music

  1. Tim says:

    Can’t wait to give it a listen, this computer is incompatible with myspace though. Same feelings about producers, got to be some sort of black magic

  2. if you’d just hop a bus over to little old maryland, you could enjoy the magic in person. i’m just saying…

  3. Tim says:

    Finally got my laptop hooked up, and listened through your mp3’s. How did you do the record sound effects? Do you add that by recording a record and overlaying the pops or using some sort of plug-in like izotope vinyl? Hmm my favorites were Drift of Stars and Forever in You. Both of which also had really great photos attached with the songs. For some reason the recording of the electric sounds a lot better than the recording of the acoustic. Acoustic is just plain hard to record and make it sound right, though, in my experience (which is… not huge).

    But, good work, it takes a lot of effort to put this sort of thing together

  4. tim,

    thanks. i just downloaded a few vinyl samples and pieced together a loop. I’m going to try pluging in the acoustic so i can manipulate the sound a little more next time. honestly though, it is really hard to make it sound right.
    so, when you coming to visit? free food…

  5. Tim says:

    Ben, the deal keeps getting sweeter. And, I didn’t even think about the greyhound idea, the car thing was a big issue. Where exactly do you live again?

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