In Which We See Sunshine

We watched Danny Boyle’s Sunshine over the weekend. This film is like an Autechre LP visualized, until the completely unnecessary Pinbacker character is introduced, at which point it starts to feel like Ministry hijacks things for a bit.

That said, I’m partial to films with powerful imagery, such that I can forgive even major plot discrepancies, and this film stuck with me all night (causing near-claustrophobia), directing my dreams, and meandering through my mind all day informing and creating nearly every important moment. My one wish to make it more satisfying (aside, again, from getting rid of Pinbacker, who reminded me of the second to last level boss from Resident Evil 4), would have been to have Mace die in the observation room. Still freezing to death, sure: But he, of all the characters (Cassie, maybe, excepted) deserved to see the Sun as he died, if only through a glass darkly.

Friend Josh has two excellent commentaries on this film here and here.

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