In Which We Drive a Grass-Mobile

This is kind of interesting. I like the idea of so-called “bio-fuels”, and this sounds interesting. However, there are ominous headlines on the “see also” sidebar, which you should also read.

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3 comments on “In Which We Drive a Grass-Mobile

  1. paula says:

    Don’t get too excited – every biofuel that I’ve heard of (and I work for a plant science research institute, so I’ve heard about a LOT) is really energy inefficient and cannot be produced in the quantities needed to replace traditional energy sources. Rolling Stone, of all places, did a pretty nice little article last fall about why ethanol is a scam, and a lot of the scientists I know would agree.

    Except the ones who are trying to get government grants to make ethanol, of course.

  2. wait! that’s it! we could use nuts!

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