In Which Mary Had Child(ren)

Friend Nathan sent me the following article.  You might find it interesting.

The Brothers and Sisters of Jesus by Matthew Levering

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3 comments on “In Which Mary Had Child(ren)

  1. mattyonke says:

    What I find so not compelling about this (or most any protestant analysis of a question like this) is twofold.

    One, it is a questioning undertaken almost entirely without love. To attempt to “find the truth” about Our Lady without knowing her, loving her, blessing her, is just not helpful. If your only concern is a scientific examination of ancient literature, I don’t give a damn about your conclusions.

    Two, it is an analysis that holds no respect whatsoever for the receptive nature of the Church, as does most (I won’t say all) protestant analysis of anything Christian. The Church is a woman, as such her genius is receptive, not penetrative. We have a tradition, both written and oral, handed down from Jesus and the Apostles. To look at the Scriptures like they popped out of a void for us so we would have some Greek to parse, with no respect for what our Fathers believed and gave us, well, it might be “scholarly”, but it’s just not faithful.

    Sorry, I don’t mean this to be an anti-protestant polemic, please don’t take it as such. It’s just really hard for me to take protestant thought on Mary seriously when they don’t love her and don’t care what their Holy Mother the Church has taught them about her.

  2. matt,

    a quick thought:

    if what you love most about your mom is her natural red hair and her six foot three physique, might there be a problem? might your brother who has been living out of town for a while have some justifiable concerns (which might require some scholarly inquiry in order to make sure you are talking about the same person)?

  3. Well this is a bit long, but I think even Yonke can appreciate this Protestant attempt to explain the Church’s teaching on Mary’s virginity.

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