In Which We Read the News

– The Catholic Church in the US is producing a coloring book for kids. It warns them about the dangers of pedophilia. It is called Being Friends, Being Safe, Being Catholic”.

– Other amusing headlines today:

1. “Pleasant Naked Shoppers Catch Convenience Clerk by Surprise”

2. “‘My Son’s Freaking out!’: Cops Shoot Drugged-out Teen after Taser Fails”

3. “Man Charged After Machete-Gun Rampage”

– Q: What was the lowest-rated Jerry Springer Show episode ever?

A: “I Have a Philosophical Secret!”

Now you know.


One comment on “In Which We Read the News

  1. Abra says:

    Naked shoppers! Awesome!

    This is a much warmer look. But it feels feminine. Love ya, babes!

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