In Which We are “It”

Today I learned about “Memes“, and their ditzy blond cousins, “internet-memes“. I didn’t really know what they were, but I’ve heard my not-quite-two-year-old use the word many times, so when I came across it today, I decided to educate myself. You should too.

For those of you who don’t like reading the footnotes, the long and the short of it is that I have been smacked on the back of the head in one of those games of internet tag and declared “It“.

Steve Bishop, whose blog I highly recommend, and which you may find at the preceding link and on my sidebar under “green neocalvinist”, has very flatteringly described my little slice of digital heaven here as one of the “five little-known treasures of the blogosphere”. Despite spelling my name wrong (the horror, the horror), we’re still all kinds of tickled. You can check out his other ‘treasures’ by clicking here.

In any event, as I understand the procedure, I must now chase people around the playground and try to get my grubby little hands on them, so here goes: My personal top five little-known treasures of the blog-o-thing, in no particular order:

1. Jupiter Buttons, is the blog of Buddah’s wife Paula. Apart from being kind, absurdly intelligent, and a great artist and illustrator, Paula is mad-crafty. You wants to be on her Christmas list. If nothing else, cruise through her site every now and then to look at her photographs. They are soothing to the soul. She’s new to the sidebar, under “Buddha’s Wife”.

If I may be allowed a two-fer, Paula’s brother Tim has been on my blogroll for many moons, and his blog Ink and Paint ought to be visited by more people more often. He is also artsy as the day is long, as well as being some sort of acoustics engineer and a wizard with any instrument involving strings (not to mention a great friend). His photographs are also well worth your time.

2. Petersen is the aptly-titled blog of one Matt Petersen. He doesn’t know if he’s Roman or Presbyterian or Lutheran, or what, but he sure enough writes big fat intelligent posts, by which we are edified like nobody’s business.

3. Speaking of denominational confusion, Notes from a Byzantine-Rite Calvinist is the blog of a gentleman named David Koyzis, and is as interesting as it’s title indicates. I don’t know how “little-known” this guy’s blog is, but it’s new to me, and I like it. So on the list it goes.

4. Scarlet Lillies is the blog partnership of my wife and her friend Betsy, who is someone else’s wife entirely. They do recipes and baby tips and other girly stuff, along with book reviews and the like. Indulge your softer side.

5. Lavatican is the blog of my buddy Jon Paul Pope’s wife (on the sidebar under “pretty like a girl”). She is an excellent artist. Though this is more of a personal blog, she does put some of her art on there. More of it may be found at her Etsy shop by clicking here.

And that’s that. Apart from these, I of course recommend all my other friends and relations on the sidebar.

And finally, check this out: Vending Machine Skirts and Dragonfly Surveillance Bots. True story.

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7 comments on “In Which We are “It”

  1. mattyonke says:


    Though I found my way there anywho, your link to Dr. Koyvis’ blog is actually a link to your blog. Just thought you should know. Thanks for the links to some new blogs!



  2. stevebishop says:

    Sorry about the misspelling – I’ve corrected it.
    And thanks for the kind comments about my blog – much appreciated.


  3. matt,

    oops, my narcissism is showing again. i’ll remedy that.


    thank you, sir.

    – ben

  4. crap: i did the same thing to paula’s website. fixed now. everyone should go there, and commission a work from her, or at least buy one of her Etsy things. she’s stellar in every way.

  5. lingamish says:

    It is silly fun but I have to admit that it has resulted in me finding some good blogs (including yours).


  6. thanks. loved your pictures of south africa, by the by.


  7. Tim says:

    Ben thanks, by the way how did the runner’s season turn out?

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