Morning Top 5

At six AM in September, Maryland air is mourning-colored and leans close to your skin in a tepid mist: Not yet stale and claustrophobic as it will be in the afternoon, but like the air in a room whose window has just been shut. It is too dark for air-conditioning, and so I drive to work on the free-way with the windows rolled down, which makes the semi-trucks seem larger somehow.

As it turns out, it was a Cold War Kids morning.

5. “Quiet, Please!” Mulberry Street EP
4. “Hospital Beds” Up in Rags EP
3. “Passing the Hat” Robbers and Cowards
2. “Saint John” Up in Rags EP
1. “We Used to Vacation” Up in Rags EP

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3 comments on “Morning Top 5

  1. abra says:

    I love you. Do you know that?

  2. (we are reasonably confident that no one actually reads anything on this website, and thus have begun exchanging intimacies here.)


  3. abra says:

    hey, i kept it in the spirit of general audience appropriateness.

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