In Which Absolute Power does not Corrupt Absolutely

I hear this phrase “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” all the time, and while I’ve never been comfortable with it (just seems too pat a response), today I realized what it is about the adage that bothers me.

The assumption inherent in the statement is that there is a “corrupting force” outside of man’s heart, thus implying that the solution is also in an external, political, socio-economic system. But democracy, republicanism, communism, and absolute monarchies, while they each have their strengths and weaknesses, cannot fix (and do not address) the fundamental flaw in every political system: Men are involved.

There is no God-ordained system of government that will magically guard against corruption. And no system, however cleverly devised, can long survive without Godly men (hows that for pat).

One comment on “In Which Absolute Power does not Corrupt Absolutely

  1. Amen. The sinner corrupts the power, not the power the sinner. Authority in itself can be a good thing, and men who are under authority — who submit themselves and their rule to the One who gave them authority — are able to wield it wisely and well. But for those who think they are the final word — who think they have absolute authority — it becomes like fire that burns them rather than warms them.

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