In Which there are Chunks

Yesterday I found a small grocer (the store is small, not the owner) who sells a locally produced, unhomoginized milk. It tastes phenominal, but there are chunks. Is that normal?

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9 comments on “In Which there are Chunks

  1. Kelly says:

    Yes, just shake it up.


  2. just fat that’s starting to solidify, i take it?

  3. Austin Storm says:

    It depends… is it just the cream top poorly stirred into the milk?

  4. Austin Storm says:

    Whoops, someone beat me to it.

    The homogenization process just makes the fat globules smaller so that they don’t settle up to the top. In raw milk they do, forming a cream layer. If this cream layer is stirred into the milk it looks like chunks. As Kelly suggests, shake it vigorously and you’re good to go.

  5. Abra says:

    Funny, I seem to remember somebody telling you this last night when you brought the milk home, oh wait, that’s right, it was me!

    Because you doubted me, I shall now be forced to burn this horrifying scene into your head forever….

  6. Abra says:

    yup, that’s the work of Nicholas Sparks.(May he die a thousand deaths for the rubbish he’s birthed.)

  7. Ha! Now Kelly will really love you…the enemy of Nicholas Sparks is her friend!

  8. Kelly says:

    As usual, Valerie speaks the TRVTH.

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