In Which Links are Shared

While procrastinating, I enjoyed these sites most:

1. Buddha invented a new fiction genre and we dig it.

2. Relief Journal is a new fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction journal for Christians who hate CBD and still secretly shop at Hot Topic stores. We are awaiting our copy of the first issue. Review forthcoming.

3. This is funny. The Comic for 4/14.

4. Check out Makoto Fujimura’s latest post. Made me want to go to a baseball game. And I hate baseball.

5. Though I’m also not Martin Luther’s biggest fan, this was interesting.

6. And while I’m on Dr. Leithart’s site, you should really read this.


2 comments on “In Which Links are Shared

  1. If you click on the time stamp at the bottom of Josh’s posts you can get a direct link.

  2. don’t i feel silly. danke.

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