Lectionary, Colour, and Calendar

For those of you interested in organizing your life according to the story of the Church (or if you just want to know why your minister keeps changing the color of his stole), this is an excellent reference (thanks to Dr. Peter Leithart for turning me on to this.


5 comments on “Lectionary, Colour, and Calendar

  1. John says:

    This is one color scheme, but not the only one. And you gotta ignore that “Christ the King” feast at the end. It’s a misleading liturgical innovation that robs the glory from Ascension Day, as NTW argues in For All the Saints.

  2. thanks for the tip. ‘preciate it.

  3. John says:

    To flesh out what I wrote above: the Feast of Christ the King was invented sometime in the last century or so, and isn’t part of the church’s traditional calendar.

    It used to be just after All Saints Day (or, I suppose, after All Souls Day, which is another liturgical innovation, distinguishing those who are saints from those who are just souls), but now it’s been moved to the Sunday just before Advent.

    That move has theological implications. The church year begins with Advent (which is, in part, the season in which we prepare for our celebration of Christ’s first coming), moves through Christmas (Christ’s birth), various events of Christ’s life, to Good Friday (Christ’s death) and Easter (Christ’s resurrection), to Ascension and Pentecost.

    When you add another event intended to celebrate Christ’s coronation, it gives the impression that it’s also intended to be in chronological order, at the very very end of the entire cycle. Which, in turn, gives the impression that Christ’s kingship is something that starts at the very end of time (although even that is a bit weird, since Advent is also preparation for Jesus’ final coming, and the chronology would then have him become king just before His return).

    Jesus, however, is king right now. The day on which we celebrate His coronation and enthronement is Ascension Day. In other words, we already have a feast of Christ the King.

  4. Tim says:

    Ben – my serious apologies for being slow on the uptake concerning your message regarding the CD. I would love to hear it (trust me, J-pop is getting old) but the postage to send it here would probably cost more than the CD itself. I’ll be back in PSU later in the summer, probably, and when I’m there, I’ll let you know my address. Would that work for you?

    Also – the article on the colors for the Christian calendar was interesting.

  5. tim,

    just let me know when you know. great to hear from you, and i’m looking forward to talking to you when you’re stateside (i think abra and i have a good idea of a painting we’d like to commission from you). god bless.

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