Beauty is in the What of the Beholder?

Here, in a simple work of art, is contained the whole of my thoughts and feelings about Beauty and Doctrine. And to think the artist is still in diapers (well, most of the time).


4 comments on “Beauty is in the What of the Beholder?

  1. lancekennedy says:

    i saw that your icon is from ancient of days by william blake. i posted that image a couple days ago, you should check out my site.

  2. PB and J says:

    after reading the link, i think there is an inherent flaw, because i dont think triune God has anything to do with symmetry. certainly symmetry can be beautiful, but it can also be boring and plain.

    certainly one thing may be beautiful to one and another to another, but this i dont think has any relevance to God.

    personally i am not much of a warhol fan, but my wife loves him.


  3. peter,
    actually, that was the point (i’ll post more on this in the near future). read nathan’s post closely again. he’s critiqueing the ‘Beauty’ aspect of the classical humanist trinity of Truth, Goodness and Beauty (and i with him), and all of it’s attendant classical greek assumptions.
    for what it’s worth (and meaning no disrespect to your wife) i’m with you on warhol: lame sauce. thanks for stopping by.

  4. lance,
    thanks for stopping by.

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