In Which Blake’s god looks a little bit like mine

Ancient of Days

Though I’m not necessarily the world’s biggest fan of Blake’s poetry, for some reason I adore his illustrations. Particularly Ancient of Days.

This lord measures out the heavens with wisdom and care and a venerable control, and yet he strains with a virile wildness. The agressively stylized composition, pounding colours and angular balance all present a god of focused ferocity. In some ways a goodly charicature of the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: The god of Leah, Rahab and Jael. The god of Ishmael, Esau and Cain. The god who crushed the head of the Deceiver by hanging a dragon on a tree to die. Wise but never hesitant: Good but hardly Nice.


5 comments on “In Which Blake’s god looks a little bit like mine

  1. davis, i always think of you when i see this illustration, but i can’t for the life of me think of why. maybe it’s the way your beard flows…

  2. Hooser says:

    So, how about the comebacks of Rage Against the Machine and the Pumpkins?

  3. i was under the impression that the Rage reunion was just a one-off thing for cochella. i’m not all that excited, frankly. i’d rather listen to audioslave any day of the week and twice on sundays (de la rocha is just plain lame). the Pumpkins, on the other hand, I am cautiously stoked about. I haven’t liked much of Billy’s recent material, and his alienating behavior toward his other band members makes me wonder if it will actually happen. i love iha, chamberlin and auf de mar (who would probably play bass, since no one has a clue where d’arcy even is) as individual musicians, so i’d pay to see them, i just hope billy throws out the pseudo-cure sorta-industrial dead pop sound he’s been writing recently. the pumpkins were far and away the best band of the nineties. i’d like to hope they could resurect that brilliance.

  4. ok, the Rage comment still stands. since the pumpkins apparently are together and touring Europe, i ammend my concerns to whether they stay together. my hopes for the new album are high but wary. ok then.

  5. Hooser says:

    Oh bummer. I guess I misheard the Rage info. Ah well. I agree with your analysis though. I am cautiously stoked about the Pumpkin possibilities.

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