Perhaps Baal is on the john…

Drudge linked to an interesting article this morning. Read it here. It seems that Education isn’t fixing things. AIDS isn’t just the problem of the stupid, poor, black man who only needs European Education to save him from “his self caused immaturity”, as Kant would say. Now those who have been educated out the wazoo are climbing the statistics ladder. As the project manager of this study so poignantly put it,

“We are on the eve of a very scary reality unless we start making some changes.”

More true than you know, Tracy. But some insist that maybe Education just hasn’t been administered effectively enough.

“Researchers said there were many possible factors behind the spread of HIV among upper levels of society, among them confused government messages about HIV/AIDS…”

“He’s not dead, he’s just restin’. Wonderful bird, the Norwegian Blue. Lovely plummage.”

What to do, Bono? Raise money for the poor, sure. But for Christ’s sake, give them all the gospel. Otherwise your money, government safe-sex ads and condoms are only so much dancing and crying out, slashing your own skin with knives.


One comment on “Perhaps Baal is on the john…

  1. Nathan says:

    So I tried to find “wazoo” on World Wide Words…no go.
    Also, how confusing are those government messages about HIV/AIDS? It is good. No, it is bad. Nevermind, it really is good…sort of? Silly gov. messages.

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