Hymn After Dying

(Lyric on a theme of Prudentius)

The Soul is torn from the Flesh it encompasses
Rotting to dust, abandoned as God
“Eli, Eli lama sabachthanai?”
Crying descends as the soul into clouds

As our first father died, as his body was broken
As the mother of all was born from his side
As Abraham, Israel: Chosen of God
Disobedient, broken, pruned from the tree
Burned down to dust by the breath of the serpent
An offering of blood for the grafting of nations

So the soul which is shorn of the flesh it encompasses
Yearns for the day when it finally is whole
When Adam in love is united with Eve
When Abram, as Abraham, fathers the world
When the Church, in her millions, without spot or wrinkle
Stands at the altar to join with her Lord
The souls of the dead, of flesh uncorrupted
At their nuptial feast will lie down with the Lamb

copyright 2005 j. bennett carnahan jr

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